Gary Backhouse will be present a talk on the Orchids of Victoria and the background behind putting together the ‘Bush Gems’ ebook. Gary has been invited by the Urimbirra Co-operative to present this talk, and visitors are most welcome.

Gary has had a keen interest in natural history and wild orchids for over 35 years and has visited major orchid areas throughout Australia and across the globe, photographing about 5000 species of orchids flowering in the wild. He has co-authored several books on orchids including ‘Wild Gems: A Guide to the Wild Orchids of Victoria, Australia’. He has also co-authored journal papers, research reports and recovery plans for threatened orchids.

Gary has recently retired after a 35 year career with the Victorian government working in biodiversity research and management, and now spends his time writing, travelling and photographing wildlife and orchids.

This is a rare opportunity to hear Gary who was one of the highlight speakers at the recent FJC Rogers Conference held in Hamilton.

Call Nicky on 0401975191 for more information. Gary’s talk will commence at 2.00 pm at the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Visitors Centre, Central Road, Blackburn. Melways 48C11.